My C02 Car

Here is my finished Co2 car. It looks completely different than the design that was on one of my older posts.

I’m still calling it  THE BEAST FROM THE EAST and please leave some comments about what you think of my car .

Craft Knife Safety

I’m learning how to use a craft knife Safely

I can do this when I……

1. I always cut away from my body

2. Remain focused at all times

3. Hold the knife firmly

4. Cut with slow and steady movements

5. Use only 3 centimeters of my blade on the knife

Co2 Car

This Week in term 4 we are going to start making our own Co2 Car. We had to think of a car design and name. This my design for my Co2 car.

I hope you like the design and the name  “THE BEAST FROM THE EAST”

Evidence of Water on Jupiter’s moon!

Scientists have found the best evidence yet for water just beneath the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.

Study of the moon’s surface suggests warm water swell up underneath its icy shell melting and
cracking the outer layers.

The Results, published in the journal of nature, predict that small lakes only exist 3km below the surface.

Any liquid water can represent a habitat for life.

From images of Europa’s surface and models of its magnetic force’s scientists have long suspected a giant ocean about 160km deep lies somewhere between 10-30km
beneath the icy crust.

The discovery of shallow liquid water by an American team makes a space mission to recover water from the moon much more plausible.

Glaciologists have been studying the surface of Europa for many years, trying to work out what formed its scarred, fractured surface.

By looking at Antarctica, where we see similar [features] – glaciers, ice shelves – we can infer something about the things that are happening on Europa, said glaciologist Martin Siegert from the University of Edinburgh. He explained that the new study tells us how upwelling of warmer water causes melting of surface ice, forming cracks.

The US and Europe are working on missions to Europa, and Jupiter’s other moons, which they hope to launch either late this decade or early in the 2020s.

Here is a video about Europa

I got this information from the BBC World news website.

World Flags

Here are some facts about Argentina, France,Kosovo and Ethiopia’s flag.

1) Argentina’s flag has 3 equal horizontal rectangles of blue, white and blue. The blues stripes represent the clear blue sky and the white with the sun in the middle came from when the sun appeared through the clouds on may 25th 1810

2) France’s Flag has 3 equal rectangles of blue, white and red. the origin of the flag come to 1790 and then french revolution when the ancient french color of white came together with the blue and red colors of the Parisian militia.

3) Ethiopia’s flag has 3 equal horizontal rectangles of green, yellow, red and the little blue circle in the middle.The green stripe represents hope and fertility,The yellow symbolizes justice and harmony. The red stands for sacrifice and heroism in the defense of the land and the blue circle represents peace.

4) Kosovo’s flag has a image of kosovo surrounded by blue and six whites stars resembling the 6 Ethnic groups Kosovo: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Gorani, Roma, and Bosniaks