Reflections Term 1 Week 4

What: This Week I have done some swimming, played a new game called flags were you have to steal the enemy tennis ball and take it back to your side , I went to the library and got a couple of books out , I got a score of 100 out of 100 in basic facts  , we finished street talk episode six I think it is the best on so far ! ,I did a recount on the class , we did some research for our quad blogs about new zealand  , did some things about the earthquake and last of all I did learnt  another strategic for maths.

So What: this week I have learnt how to write a recount properly, how to play the really awesome game flags , I also learnt how to use the double and half strategy.

Now What: My goals for next week  is to remember to bring my home work back ans especially my togs !!!!

Reflections Term 1 Week 3

What: This week I have been doing some swimming and have been trying to improve on my backstroke. I have finished my collage and my book cover, the class went to the library and got a couple of books out, I was learning about the internet with Miriam and how to surf it wisely, we completed a video to send to Mr miller’s class with answers to all of their questions.  I finished my kid-pix summer is… calender art and last but not least I learnt the names of the twenty-five capitals of the world.

So What:This week I have learnt a couple of strategies for maths the subtract the parts and make a plus strategy, how to use the alpha key for pages and also learnt time management skills while doing my art.

Now What: My goals for next week are to get my blog up to date with the rest of my class and to make sure I bring my homework in by the end of the week.IMG_0385

Reflections Term-1 week 2

What: This week I have done class swimming, self- portrait collages, book covers of our favourite book, learnt how to link websites and things on the blog, basic facts test and I got into the 2 best group. I got taught a new game called hand-soccer, we did this thing called speakers corner about why smoking should be banned. We did a class show called street talk, we also made up some class rules one of the 10 is we use good manners at all times and also we meet our buddy class and my buddy is called Oliver.

So what: This week I learned how to collage properly by using small pieces of paper, hand soccer is where you use your hands instead of feet, how to insert videos and other things like websites by going on your dashboard and then inserting the web address, split numbers into 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s.

Now what: My goal for next week is to finish my collage by doing my skin and hair, and to get p.o.w and try get lots more credits and to finish my book cover.